Windows 11 with NVDA Test One

Answers these questions concerning the first five Windows 11 with NVDA lessons.

    1. How do you navigate Windows controls?
    2. How do you launch NVDA
    3. What is the NVDA modifier key?
    4. How do you open the NVDA menu?
    5. How do you silence speech?
    6. What is the NVDA command to read the focused control?
    7. What is the NVDA Say All keyboard command?
    8. How do you read the time and date with NVDA?
    9. How do you save the default NVDA Configuration?
    10. What keyboard command exits NVDA?
    11. What is an edit box and how is it accessed?
    12.  How do you activate buttons?
    13. How do you pin an application to the Start Menu?
    14.  How do you navigate open menus and drop-down lists?
    15.  How do you focus on the Windows Taskbar
    16. How do you open the Windows Application Menu or Jump Lists?
    17. What keyboard accelerators open or focus on Taskbar applications?
    18. What keyboard accelerators open Taskbar application jump lists?
    19. How do you Focus on the Windows Notification Area (System Tray)?
    20. How do you navigate Notification Area buttons?
    21. What two keyboard accelerators focus on the Desktop?
    22. Which keyboard accelerator to focus on the Dekstop is a toggle?
    23. How do you navigate Desktop icons?
    24. How do you remove selection from an icon?
    25. How do you open the Desktop Windows Application Menu?
    26. Extra credit! Add a comment to this post. What was your favorite lesson so far and why?

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