Death of the Indigo Golem

CathyAnne Murtha

The rainbow portal shone more brightly than ever before.  The golems who cared for it had spent much of the morning polishing the facets so that their colors might reflect with a brilliance which would impress even the most jaded of guardians.  Having stored their cleaning supplies, they were playfully competing with one another to see who could catch the attention of the most facets and gain prominence over it’s fellows.  Indigo was the first to notice the commotion, raising his hand to silence the playful laughter of the others, he pointed up toward the shift of Astral, a look of concern clouded his expression.

The others gathered around and listened as the clash of armor, the soft whisper of swords and the anguished death cries of the guardians filled the air.  They exchanged looks of terror and looked to the rainbow portal. They had never entered the portal.  The world beyond the end of the rainbow had never been explored, it lived only in fables which had been passed down to the assemblage in the little room.  Death and destruction lived among the Faes while the golems lived in peaceful co-existence with one another.  It was their job to maintain the portal – a job in which they took much pride.  The peaceful nature of the golems prohibited them from venturing from the many faceted domain.

A startled cry from violet brought their attention to the door A lone warrior, his armor glittering from the reflected rainbows, strolled confidently into the room and sneered at the innocent golems.  It was clear that he intended to enter the portal!  The golems looked to one another.  he must not be allowed to enter the land of the Fae’s.  It was dangerous and they did not want to be responsible for the death of the man who glittered in the radiance of their light.  With amazing quickness, they moved to block his passage through the portal.

The man stopped and looked upon the rainbow golems.  With a sneer of derision and one quick movement of his hand, the ground shook and the golems tumbled to the floor.  As Indigo looked up, he saw a vast army of trolls, humans, gnomes, and sprites descend upon his tiny band.  He stood and attempted to defend the portal, to save the lives of the small army who was intent upon entering the portal which promised certain death.  He had witnessed many entering the passage, yet none had returned!

Red dropped first, her cries tore into his heart as he watched her life blood, a fiery torrent of crimson, flow from the wounds which had been inflicted upon her by the glittering swords of the enemy.  He tore at one of the attackers who looked smaller than the rest, hoping that maybe he could convince her to flee the rainbow portal and return to the safety of her own realm.  A brutish giant stepped forward and slammed into him with a shield which appeared to be made of dragon scales.  Indigo fell to the floor stunned.  He watched his friends scrambling about, seeking protection from the waves of energy being thrust forth by the mage like creatures.  He saw clerics chanting in a strange tongue to a god named Ulthor and gazed in wonder as the wounds of the trolls were magically healed.  How could he and his fellow golems stand against such magic?

Clamoring to his feet he once more tried to appeal to his attackers, yellow, blue, and violet were gasping for breathe as they continued to bear the brunt of the attack.  large gold-hilted swords were smashed into the faces of his friends, he watched them drop to the floor and whispered silent prayers that they might be relieved of their pain quickly and mercifully.

A swirl of sand engulfed the little golem as his gaze fell upon his own reflection in a crystal facet.  The playfulness in which he had participated only moments before was gone, his smile had been replaced by a mask of terror.  Sinking to the floor, he felt a hand slip into his own, he turned to see the eyes of blue meet his own.  The sounds of clashing armor and rattling scabbards were swallowed by the mysteries beyond the rainbow portal.

He knew the guardians lay dead above him and that his life was slowly slipping from his grasp.  With his final breath he whispered a prayer that the strange god known as Ulthor would watch over those who had left his own life in shambles.  He knew his journey was at an end but the horrors that awaited those who had passed beyond his domain faced terrors only imagined in the most twisted minds of the immortals.