CathyAnne Murtha

It was only a flittering little thing which caught the eye of the Seraph of Melarn.  A tiny glittering swirl on the breeze that brushed by with a faint whisper of chimes.  The Seraph Ashira smiled knowingly and summoned the angels of the realm to her side.  Her idea was presented to the Archangels and filtered through the ranks of the angel corps quite quickly.  A new and exciting adventure awaited all who wanted to participate.

As with most exciting events in the realm, the secret was soon divulged to the Lords and Ladies who whispered with fevered excitement into the ears of the heroes.  All eyes turned to the lands of the low morts as one tiny creature began to climb the ladder toward hero.   Angels slipped into mortal form and helped guide the little one on her way.  Lords appeared at her side to offer guidance and assistance.  The low mortals with whom she grouped began to see something ethereal in their peer and they, too, began to help her on her path.  The little creature accepted the assistance of all with a bright smile and grateful spirit.

One day, while sitting beneath a tree in the elven foothills, the little sprite looked around at her friends and felt an overwhelming gratitude flood her heart.  She had received so much from so many and wished there was a way she could show everyone how happy she was and how much love she felt for all those who had touched her life.  Gazing into the brilliant blue sky, she saw the flash of wings and heard the laughter of angels.

A brilliant smile graced her face as she realized that she wanted to soar through the heavens helping those in need.  She wanted to swoop down and bring laughter and love to those who felt lost or alone in a strange land.  Looking at her own insignificant wings, she knew she had no hope of flying to such heights alone.   Popping a lemon drop into her mouth, she began to ponder the path which she wanted to travel and wondered how she might make it a reality.  A warm embrace from above enveloped her and she realized, for the first time, she was not alone.  The Seraph and Angels, the Lords and Ladies, the Heroes and low morts were at her side. They had been at her side from the very beginning!  The tiny mage felt a shower of love cascade down upon her from the heavens.

Flying to the side of her friends, she spoke with breathless excitement of her dream.  Pointing skyward with sparkling eyes she told them of her desire to become an Angel.  Her friends looked at one another with knowing smiles.  Their little friend had finally discovered what they had known all along – embodied in the tiny sprite mage was a dynamic spirit which, when set free, would enliven and renew the skies over Melarn.

The little mage now became the property of Melarn.  No longer was she an entity of her own.  The realm joined together and nudged, pushed, prodded, encouraged and cheered as she neared her goal.  The final moments were shared by all the angels who, slipping into mortal form, helped her acquire the last bits of experience she needed.

Having received the congratulations of the realm, she stood surrounded by all those who had held her dream in store for her while she had traveled the long road to stand at their side.  One by one they had given her a piece of their own spirits and she was their creation.  The laughter, joy, optimism, gentility, curiosity, mischief, generosity, and love which was embodied in her were all gifts from those who had touched her life.

Ashira smiled upon her and with one quick motion took the mortal life she had known and gave her a new and exciting existence as an angel of Melarn.  The qualities embodied in the little mage burst into a shimmering cloud of love and showered the realm with happiness as Confetti became an angel.  The love with which she was showered was so immense that it could not be contained in one tiny sprite angel and she continues, to this day, to shower those she loves with a shimmering cloud of love, compassion, and joy in the form of angelic sparkles bestowed upon her by those she holds most dear.